Two Days at the Wright Locke Farm

On Tuesday, as planned, we drove 2 hours from Sturbridge Massachusettes, to Winchester Massachusettes. We were going to a farm that my Mom’s friend from College, Adrienne, works and lives at. Wright Locke Farm is a cute little farm in the middle of the city of Winchester, it is not a mass-production farm, but is more of a community farm, people visit it like it is a city park. Upon arrival, we got a nice tour of the farm, which consists of fields, goats, chickens, two very old barns, and a very old house. We then had a delicious dinner, then we had the option to sleep in the RV, or in the house. Everybody except for Elliot and I chose to sleep in the RV. But me and Elliot will take any excuse to sleep on a real mattress.

When we woke up the next day, Elliot and I went downstairs, and after a few minutes of chatting, we had to help move all of our refrigerated food into Adrienne’s fridge, because we did not have an electrical hookup, so our fridge stopped working. After that, Elliot, Lucia, Rose, and I helped around the farm for an hour or so, then we had to stop for lunch. After lunch, we (the Liesland Family) drove to a train stop, which took us into Boston. We got of at the Boston Commons, and took the Red line all the way to Paul Revere’s house, stopping for cannolis on the way. We then made our way back to the Commons, got back into the train (which stalled for half an hour or so because someone on the train in front of us pulled the emergency brake) and rode it back to the car. We arrived back at the farm, ate dinner, then used the same sleeping arrangements at the previous night.

This morning, Elliot and I woke up, meandered to the RV, did homeschooling, I took a shower in the house, ate lunch, and walked around the farm. At around 2, everybody except for Mari, Rose, and My Dad, took the 6 goats for a walk with Adrienne and a couple of her co-workers. On the way we found a giant snapping turtle, it almost got one of the goats, it was like one foot in diameter, maybe more. After the walk, we packed up the RV, then we said our goodbyes, and left for Cape Cod.

By the way, today marks one month remaining on our trip:(!

Me and a goat.
Our RV spot
Lucia and Rose got some eggs.
A chicken dumped an unripe egg on Elliot.
Our parking spot.
The capitol.
The site of the Boston Massacre.
Look closely and you can see my Dad behind the unicycle.
My future.
Holy Cannoli.
Snapping turtle!
Goat walk.
The Barn.

3 thoughts on “Two Days at the Wright Locke Farm”

  1. Holy guacamole that is one big turtle. Did you tell the unicycle riders that you too are an expert! Did you get to Harvard? So you can tell everyone you went to Harvard. Aunt Erin, your mom, papa and me all went to Harvard.
    Don’t know what a Cannoli is but I want one! So nice you got to finally see Adrianns farm so now you can picture just where she is. Yahoo, one mo. until you get back. Love you all, mimi

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