Fun Times in Cincinnati

We have had a fun couple of days in Cincinnati. On Wednesday, we hung out at the RV for the morning, then, at around 11:30, we met half of the Herrels (Rachel, and Leah) at Ault park, and we ate lunch there while the girls played at the playground. Some of us had been feeling under the weather, particularly that day, so we spent the afternoon at the RV, then around 6, we drove to the Donley’s so that they could watch us while our parents went on a date to make up for their date failure on their anniversary, I think that they had a fun time.

Today, as soon as we could, we drove 35 minutes to the Gap Outlet in Kentucky. We were going to go there on Tuesday, but we couldn’t, because some of us were sick, so today, we made our “dreams” become reality. I suppose that it would be a lie if I told you that I didn’t enjoy it. We met the Donleys at the outlet, and I found a pair of pants and a pair of shorts, overall, It was an interesting experiance, that I would not be too keen to repeat.

After Rose’s nap, around 4, we drove to Mar-Mar and B-Bob’s house to do laundry and eat dinner while my dad ate at a work event. we had fun doing all sorts of stuff, my favorite Hyland pass time is looking through old photo albums of my dad when he was young, so I did that, then we ate a delicious dinner of enchiladas and a brownie dessert.

We are trying to enjoy the last days of our trip, but we are very anxious to get back. My last day of school is Friday, and so I am trying to wrap things up. We are getting back on Sunday!

Mom and Dad on a date.
Mar-Mar reading to Lucia and Rose.
Trampolining at Mar-Mar and B-Bob’s.

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  1. I feel your pain, I do not like shopping either. You are keeping busy and making up for lost x with fam. & friends. I’ll get some albums out of when your mom was growing up. What do you mean getting back on Mon.? We were planning are Sun.

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