And We’re Back!

Last Sunday, after 335 days, 30,000 miles of driving, 61 different stops, and thousands of awesome experiences, we arrived back in Des Moines. The drive to Des Moines took 5 hours, and we were welcomed by our cousins at Walnut Woods, and after getting the RV set up, Mari, Elliot, and I, drove to the Reagen’s new house that we are going to stay in until July.

We have spent our days catching up with our cousins, going to the pool, biking, playing games, and hanging out. On Wednesday, we biked down to Will’s house which is right by our old house, and it was a nice trip down memory lane.

We are looking foreward to a fun month, I will try to keep you updated, but I may not post very often anymore.

2 thoughts on “And We’re Back!”

  1. Drews, we certainly understand that you will have other ways to spend your time. Your posts are interesting, so we hope you’ll get to it from time to time. Thanks for what you’ve shared with us over the past 11 months. We DO need to know—high school.

  2. I am missing your posts. What will I do with my x each morning?
    Even though we are now in the same city I always learn info from your dads posts that I did’t know. I’m like BeBob, wondering what school you will attend!
    Welcome home, we missed you! Love, mimi

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