Dinner with The Herrels

After getting settled inĀ  at the campground, we drove another half an hour to our friends The Herrels’ house for dinner. We have known the Herrels for a very long time. Simon, was my dads friend in college, and Simon and Rachel have two kids, Samuel (6), and Leah (4), and we always pay them a visit when we are in town.

Every time that we go to their house, we eat Dewey’s Pizza, which is a pizza chain in Cincinnati. And so, after playing some games, having an epic water fight, and playing basketball, that is what we did. as usual, the pizza was amazing, and as usual, we had a fun time.

Water fight!!
My Dad and Simon, embarking in childish play.

1 thought on “Dinner with The Herrels”

  1. what, that’s hard to believe your dad and Simon would act like children!
    Looks like fun activities on a hot day. Love traditions and long time friends, the best!

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