Plymouth Rock

Today, at about 4:30, we drove 45 minutes from our campground in Dennis Massachusetts, to Plymouth Rock, in Plymouth Massachusetts. Upon arrival, we walked a short distance from our car to the rock, which was cool, it looked like any other rock, only it’s history is amazing. After admiring the rock for a few minutes, we walked a mile or so out to and on a breaker wall ( a wall that breaks waves before the crash into docked boats,) then we walked partially back to a restaurant called Lobster Hut, and got a couple dishes, then we walked back to the car, grabbed a pizza for those who were not so keen on the sea food. We then stopped by Plimoth Plantation (I am not sure why they spell Plymouth weirdly.) then we drove back to the RV.

Tomorrow, we are going to go to a lighthouse and beach, then on Sunday, we are going to drive to Burlington, Vermont, and stay there for a week.

Eating at Lobster Hut.
At the end of the wall.
Lucia and Rose by a lobster.
Plymouth Rock!
On the breaker wall.

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  1. well, that fish sounds good to me. Papa was assigned to a bank in the 80’s for several wks. in Burlington, Vt. He really enjoyed the area. You’ll have to elaborate on the lt. house as Kelley Finn(Aunt Mary’s friend) says it is cool !

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