Race Point Beach

Today, after lunch, we drove an hour or so to Race Point Beach, at the point of Cape Cod. We were going to drive to Race Point Lighthouse, but we decided to skip that, so we could have more time at the beach. We spent a couple of hours at the beach, collecting rocks, digging, and generally hanging out. Mari and Elliot were crazy enough to fully submerge into the freezing ocean. The highlight of my time at the beach was the whales. We saw a few, and they even did that thing where they launch themselves out of the water for us.

After that, we drove to Provincetown, and walked around there for a little bit, then we drove back to the RV.

Mermaid Lucia.
If you look closely, you can see a whale.
At the beach.

2 thoughts on “Race Point Beach”

  1. When a whale jumps above water it is called “breaching”, I saw a special about it. So cool to think such a big creature can lift themselves so high. I think they like to show off.
    Will call you later this evening. We are at Aunt Mary’s this wk end!
    Tell Luie she makes a very pretty mermaid but I want her to return a regular human as I don’t swim that well!

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