New York -> Sturbridge Massachusettes

We had a slight change of plans due to the fact that we did not want to tour around Boston while it was 48 degrees and rainy, so instead of moving to one of my mom’s friends farm, we drove to a campground in Sturbridge Mass. We are going to drive to the farm on Tuesday, when the weather will be nicer. Then, on Thursday, we are going to drive to Cape Cod and spend the rest of the week there.

After dinner, we drove a short distance to a picturesque river that my dad and I ran to earlier in the day. We went on a short walk by the river, then we went back to the RV.

Family selfie on a bridge.

2 thoughts on “New York -> Sturbridge Massachusettes”

  1. Well the best of plans go astray! Love the fam. pic., Mary is looking more like a teenager all the time. So the east is still cold. You need to inform them that it’s Spring! Happy sightseeing !

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