The Whirlpool

On Thursday, we drove 20 minutes to Devil’s Hole State Park, which is a very very small state park that starts on top of the Niagara River gorge, and goes down to the river to Devil’s Hole. Our plan was that we were going to take a 3 mile hike from Devil’s Hole to The Whirlpool.

Here’s the funny thing. After walking down roughly 400 steps, we made it to the river ( which, by the way, is absolutely terrifying, the rapids are insane) and I guess that we forgot about Devil’s Hole, because we got back to the RV, I thought, wait a minute, I don’t remember ever seeing Devil’s Hole. I don’t think that we must have missed much if we never noticed it.

We walked all the way to the whirlpool, which it basically a spot where the river makes a 90 degree turn. because, Niagara Fall chips away at the rock, making the falls move 6 feet every year, so at one point, the Falls where 7 miles away from where they are now, and when it was moving, at one point a while back ( as in thousands of years) it hit a old river bed that had been filled in with an easily disintegratable mineral, so when the Fall hit the old river bed, it crumbled all of the rock away, forcing it to take a 90 degree turn.

The Whirlpool isn’t a glorious funnel of water, but more of a cool part of the river where the water moves in a circle. When we made it to The Whirlpool, we stood there for a moment, then we moved on, and walked back up 400 stairs to the top of the gorge, where my dad biked back to our car ( we dropped a bike of at the end of the hike so that we didn’t have to walk back to the car) Then we hit the road.

On a Dragonfly.
Stacking Rocks.
At the Whirlpool.

2 thoughts on “The Whirlpool”

  1. what a great detailed description of your experience, just hard to picture though. I’m wondering if the rapids are too rapid for experts to even attempt.
    You probably forgot Devil’s Hole because you were so awe struck by the rapids. I’m going to miss your posts when you return. I look forward to them ea. day!

  2. Sounds cool! You should definitely (not) swim in the rapids. I look forward to seeing you soon! Just a few more days, and you’ll be back!

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