Niagara Falls -> Cincinnati

Today was a big milestone on our trip, today, we drove 8 hours back to Cincinnati, we were in Cincinnati for the first week of our trip, and now we are back! We are staying in my Aunt’s driveway until Monday, then we are moving to a campground at a state park in Cincinnati.

We spent the evening with our the Donleys, we had LaRosas for dinner, and Graders for dessert, we played with their boys, who are our cousins then they hit the sack, and we called it quits too.

Only nine days until we are back in Des Moines.


2 thoughts on “Niagara Falls -> Cincinnati”

  1. Wow, so happy to hear you got to Cinci. I’ll bet the family is very happy to see you! Just can’t believe you’ll be back in 9 days (but who’s counting)! Ha!
    You’ve come full circle so to speak, cool! I know the Reagens can hardly wait too. Love you all!

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