Life in Cincinnati

We have spent the last few days in Indian Hill, which is a suburb of Cincinnati. We are currently parked in my Aunts driveway, and we have been since Friday, we are leaving for a campground in Cincinnati later today.

On Saturday, we hung out at my aunts until 4;30, then we drove to my grandparents for a Hyland family gathering. We had a fun time, and I ate way to much food.

Yesterday, we hung out at my aunts as usual, then, at around 5, we drove into Kentucky for a Appel family gathering at a park shelter. We had a lot of fun, eating, playing kickball, and hanging out with family.

B-Bob ( our grandpa) with Rose.
Lucia and my dad’s cousin’s kid eating ice dessert.
Getting the boys to bed.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like fun x’s with family! Very hot here. If one is outside you must be in water or close to it to cool off. Enjoy your visit!

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