Niagara Falls ll – Maid of the Mist

Today, we drove back to Niagara Falls, this time to take a tour on the Maid of the Mist. Maid of the Mist is a ferry tour that takes you past American Falls, right into the middle of Horseshoe Falls. Going into the center of the falls really helps give perspective to the absolute monstrosity of the falls. When you look around all you can see is the falls, that is, if you can see through the mist. The mist is one of the coolest parts about the tour, during the tour you get absolutely soaked by the mist that is made by the falls. It is like being in s freezing, thundering rainstorm, I am glad that the water didn’t hurt my camera, however, you will notice drops if water on my lens in some of the pictures. Luckily, before the tour, they handed out ponchos for everybody, otherwise, the tour might not have been enjoyable.

After the tour, we dried off, then we took an elevator back 200 hundred feet to the top of American Falls, and we were back where we started. By then, our Niagara Falls, experience was missing only one thing, and that was…. Going to the edge of Horseshoe Falls. Though the view is nicer from the Canadian side, we had to settle for the other side, because we were running low on time. The thing that I didn’t realize on the tour was the insane amount of water that ran down the falls, Even though I already covered this in my last Niagara Falls post, I must repeat it, there is a LOT of water running down the falls. AA LLLOOOOTTT.

A view of the falls.
Another view.
Maid of the Mist.
American Falls.
Me and my poncho, in all our glory.
A Rainbow in the mist.
View of Horseshoe Falls.
Another view of American Falls.
Cuties in their ponchos.

Family Picture on the ferry. (for my personal records – a guy from Austria took this picture.
Horseshoe Falls.
A sunset from our campground ( this is completely unrelated to this post.)
The sun was remarkably pink.

7 thoughts on “Niagara Falls ll – Maid of the Mist”

  1. Wozer, just breathtaking! More pic’s to enter in The State Fair!
    Love the pic. of the “cuties” too !

  2. It all sounds wonderful to me!
    Henry will take a trip with you to a “wings” place. That may be his restaurant of choice.

  3. Sometime Be-Bob and I will have to share with you our pics from our trip on “Maid of the Mist”. I think our raincoats were yellow.

  4. WOW!! Those are beautiful pics! I wish I could come with you! I love that sunset picture! It does look remarkably pink.

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