Seaside Oregon

We made it to Seaside Oregon on Sunday. After unhitching we ate dinner (bagels, and salad.) We then went to the pool at the campground. It was actually a very nice pool for a campground! It was indoors, which is nice in Northern Oregon in the fall!

Today, after a morning of the usual homeschooling, we went to downtown Seaside. My parents and I actually went to Seaside about 13.5 years ago for their honeymoon! We had to mimic some pictures from the last time we were in Seaside! Immediately after exiting the car we got trapped in a candy shop! We escaped with only one taffy each and a square of fudge! It was Elliot’s turn to get a shirt so we went to a clothing store. The clothing store had a mechanical shark that you can ride, I was immediately temtped to pay to ride it, after thinking about it for around fifteen minutes I finally decided to give in to my temptation and ride it. It was awesome, but also hard. To be honest it might not have been worth five dollars. But hey, NO REGRETS!!!!!!! Soon after, and five dollars later, we made it to the beach. I have seen the beach in my parents honeymoon pictures and I have actually been there, as previously noted but it was much cooler to be there at an age where I will be able to remember it my whole life! I was very amazed at how long the beach was! It felt like it took us forever to get to the ocean! When we got to the ocean after mimicing some more pictures some of us (Elliot, Lucia, and I.) went to go look for sand-dollars. There were a lot of broken sand dollars but we were on the hunt for a whole one. After looking for a while we finally had to call it quits. Apparently It is much easier to find not broken sand dollars in the morning, maybe we will test that theory some time this week. After we felt that we had had our share of time at the beach we headed back to the car and drove back to our campsite.

Riding Sharky the Shark.
Lucia’s sand-dollar name.
By the ocean.
Original Lewis and Clark pic. May, 2004.
Not original Lewis and Clark pic. September, 2017.
By the ocean 2004 addition.
Heart, 2004
Heart, 2017.

3 thoughts on “Seaside Oregon”

  1. Sounds so fun AJ, I have two sand-dollars they are one of God’s beautiful unique creations.. Riding that shark would be like riding the bull in a bar! It would be fun to see you do that. You didn’t mention however how long you stayed on it!

  2. Give me five dollars and I’ll give you a link to the shark video:) J.K. A link is on its way. For some reason my blog won’t let me post an actual video!

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