Lake Crescent/Olympic National Park

We have been staying on Lake Crescent  in Olympic National Park. We arrived on Sunday, it was a short 3 hour drive/ferry ride. We got of the fairy in Port Townsend and we met some friends who are now living there at a state park. We finally made it to Lake Crescent at 5:00. After dinner Elliot and I jumped of a dock into the lake, it was freezing!

On Monday we started off the day with homeschooling, I am starting a Shakespeare block which is fun. I am reading Romeo and Juliet. after homeschooling we went to the Elwha area of the national park and went on a very short .2 mile hike to a waterfall.

On Tuesday we had a pretty normal morning then we went on another hike to another waterfall. The waterfall was very unique as you can see in the picture below. The hike was 1.6 miles long.

On Wednesday we went to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. After exploring the Visitor Center we went on a hike up Hurricane Hill. It was a 3.2 mile hike that offered an areal view of the national park, you could see the Straight of San Juan and mount Olympus.

On Thursday we started off the day with the usual homeschooling. When my dad was done with work, we rented two paddleboards for an hour. Then we went to the campground swimming dock and my dad jumped of the dock. “The water was remarkably cold.” Says Rob Liesland after jumping into Lake Crescent. We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and playing outdoor games such as ladderball and cornhole.

Today (Friday) we did laundry in the morning. In the afternoon we went to a beach where the Elwha River enters the Straight of Juan de Fuca. It was very cool, though it was especially windy. We spent most of the time throwing rocks, finding nice sticks, and playing in a cool fort made of driftwood. On the was back from the beach we found three geocaches.

On Saturday we went to the Hoh rain forest. It is about as close to a rain forest as you can get without leaving the country. We went on a short 1 mile hike called The Hall Of Mosses. It was a very cool hike and I learned alot. We then took a one hour drive to the Pacific ocean. It was actually only my second (third if you count on my parents honeymoon, when i was six monthes old.) time going to the actual ocean. We went on a short hike down the beach to “Hole in the Wall” which is basically a hole in a rock by the ocean. On the way we saw a seastar, seals, and lots of seagulls!

Tomorrow we are going to Seaside Oregon.

Madison Falls
More Madison Falls.
Big stump!
Night Swimming.
Building a dam.
Unique waterfall.
Tree tunnel.
On top of Hurricane Hill.
We are still on top of Hurricane Hill!
Diving dad.
Crescent lake.
Where the Elwha River meets the Straight.
Driftwood Fort.

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  1. That looks like a cool state park! Who are the friends who live there. Do I know them?
    Good, interesting post AJ, and great pic’s! Thanks!

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