This afternoon we went to the Tillamook factory in Tillamook, Oregon. They were building a new visitor’s center, so we could not go on a tour which was a bummer, but they had a temporary visitor center set up in the parking lot so we still got to learn about how the cheese is made and some other interesting stuff. After looking around in the exhibits we went into the store. We got some Ice cream, and I got a keychain. On our way home from Tillamook we stoped at a view point that overlooks the Pacific ocean. It made me feel very small!

Riding in the Tillamook car. My mom just got her hair cut today!
Eating ice cream.
The origional Pronto Pups! a corn dog chain that we went to when we visited Grand Haven, Michigan a few years back.
Lucia wanted to stop and get our picture taken here. I am holding Rose.

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  1. Looks like fun! and also educational! Ask your mom if she is trying to look more like Rosie? Looks cute! and makes her look younger!

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