Monuments Tour

Today, we went back into Washington D.C., this time to tour the monuments. We got off of the Metro a few blocks from The White House, and The White House was our first stop. After the white house, we walked down the National Mall, to the Washington Monument. The cool thing about the monument is that you can see it from almost everywhere that we were today, and we did a large three mile loop. After the Washington Monument, we walked a short distance to the World War ll Memorial. If you know us well, you probably know that we are not really in to war museums, memorials, or anything related to wars, but the WWII Memorial was really intricate and cool. After the WWII Memorial, we walked alongside the reflecting pool, to the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial might have been the highlight of my day, it was soooo cool to see the building that I had seen countless times on the five dollar bill, and other various places, but the thing the surprised me the most was how massive the statue of Abe was. I guess I was expecting a slightly larger than life statue of Mr. Lincoln, but when I walked in, there was this massive 20 foot tall guy staring at me, 20 feet doesn’t actually seem that tall, but it was mainly my expectations being shattered that made it look so tall. After admiring our former president for a few minutes, we stepped back onto the steps of the memorial, and Lucia, Mom, and I went to the bathroom, (I am proud to say that I have now gone to the bathroom on the Appalachion Trail, the Hoover Dam, and the Lincoln Memorial, sorry, TMI.) then we watched a show choir, on the memorial steps for a few minutes before moving along to the MLK Memorial. The MLK memorial was interesting, especially the quotes written on the walls near the Memorial, but we didn’t stay there long. We then walked partially around Tidal Basin, to the Jefferson Memorial. The Jefferson Memorial was intresting, it kind of reminded me of the Lincoln Memorial, but it was circular where the Lincoln Memorial was Rectangular. In the Jefferson Memorial is a large bronse statue of none other than Mr. Jefferson himself. We stayed at the memorial for a short period of time, then we walked past the Holocaust Museum, past the Washington Monument, and back down the National Mall, to the Carousel on the Mall. Lucia, Rose, Mom, and Elliot rode the carousel for 5 minutes or so, then we moved on to find me a T-shirt. Unfortunately, I did not find a shirt that I liked, so we just bought one for the T-shirt quilt. Luckily, I did find a nice Keychain to add to my collection. After that ordeal, we walked back to the Metro, and took it back to our car which we then took back to our campground. Overall, the day was a Yuuugge success, and as I make this post, I am realizing how ridiculous it is that we were able to see all of this in just one day. Tomorrow, we are driving to Northern Maryland, then on Thursday, we are driving to a campground in New York, New York.

Elliot’s jump pic in front of the Capitol.
In front of reflection lake.
Me and ‘Honest Abe’.
Mari and Martin.
On the Metro.
Rose was particularly drawn to this quote.
Lucia, Rose, and Dad.
Mom and Tom.
Me in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
the Carousel.
Family picture in front of the White House.
Lucia and Rose.
Me in front of the Capitol.
Family selfie in front of the Washington Monument.
Elliot’s jump pic in front of the Capitol.

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  1. Nice description of your day, Andrew. Brings back fond memories. Great pic.’s! Did you ever see Papa’s FDIC office ?

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