Life in Miami

We drove from Cinnamon beach to Miami on Sunday. It was a easy 6 hour drive, and we were amazed by the amazing weather when we got there, and the weather has not ceased from being any less than satisfactory. On Monday, after the usual pre-evening activities, we drove to South Beach. South Beach might have been my favorite beach that we have been to so far, it had perfect creme colored sand water that made the Pacific ocean seem laughable, and swimming iguanas. O.K, one swimming iguana, but it was like two feet long, and immensely awesome. The waves, however, were less that satisfactory. After spending an hour or so at the beach, we walked to a park to have a picnic. After the picnic, we walked down a famous street that had a lot of fancy restaurants, clubs, and Lamborghinis.

We have laid low for the last couple of days, we spend our days swimming, homeschooling, basketballing, biking, walking, and hanging out at the RV. Today we went to a mini golf course at the campground, and it turned out to be one of the best mini golf courses that I have ever golfed on. We may do that a couple more times during the week. Tomorrow, we are taking an airboat tour through Everglades national park.

At the pool.
Ocean iguana.
At South Beach.
Mini Golf.

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  1. Was that iguana like the 2 foot fish that got away? Hold on to the babies as you boat through the everglades!

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