Cinnamon Beach Vacation!!

I hope that you don’t think that I was dead, because I wasn’t, I was on Vacation, and I was too lazy to write a blog post. When I left you, we were going to drive to Cinnamon Beach, which is just by Palm Coast, on the Atlantic side of Florida. And, we were going to meet the Reagens (our cousins) at a condo on the ocean. If there is one thing that I don’t like about traveling, it would probably be the Reagens. Back in Des Moines, we would see then on average about three times a week, now we are seeing them about three times a year. Obviously that will change when we get back. Anyway, we got to the condo on Sunday night, nothing happened for about 24 hours, when the Reagens (finally) came. We┬áimmediately ate dinner, then we went to the beach. Cinnamon Beach is called Cinnamon Beach because the sand is a cinnamony color, which is caused by the fact that the sand seems to be made of tiny shell fragments. The water was freezing, so we didn’t get in past our waist, but we did have a lot of fun playing in the waves. Here is what we did all week in no particular order.

AT THE OCEAN. We had a lot of fun at the ocean, we mostly stuck to Cinnamon Beach, but we also went to another beach that you could swim in, we even got in a little surfing, courtesy of the surfboard that came with our condo.

IN THE TOWN. On Tuesday, we drove up to Saint Augustine, to go to Castillo De San Marcos National Monument, which is a fort that was built in 1742 to protect the Atlantic side of the Florida coast from various invaders, then we went to Old Town Saint Augustine. It was no Old Town San Diego, but it was interesting, and after walking around for half an hour or so we went to Flagler College, which had cool architecture.

ON THE BEACH. Most of what happens at the beach happens on the beach, for us at least. One of our favorite activities to partake in when we are at the beach is seeing how big of a hole we can dig, and if it is bug enough, we use it as a hot tub. We did that once at our beach, which involved me cutting my leg on a rock, and once at the beach that we surfed at. But,…….The most fun that I had in the sand was building a sand castle, or rather, sand city. We divided in to two groups, and each built a sand city. they both ended up looking very cool, but the highlight was the sand alligator that my dad made. It was fun to watch people who were walking down the beach admire our artistic expressions.

MARCH MADNESS! every evening was spent in front of the tv watching basketball. as usual, we filled out our brackets Unfortunately, my bracket is utterly and completely busted after the ultimate Virginia upset, and the most recent Xavier loss.

ENJOYING THE AMENITIES. Most mornings, which began at around eleven, were spent in the game room with Ian Cameron, and Elliot, there was a foosball table, and an air hockey table that we spent hours at. We also enjoyed the pool, which was perfectly heated, and visited once a day by us.

LIVING IT UP!!!!! All of our days were spent living it up. The next time that we see the Reagens will be in Des Moines, which feels like it is going to be tomorrow.

Enjoying the pool.
Firing a cannon.
Flagler Collage.
Eating out.
Hot tubin’.
Hot tubin’ again.
Sand castlin’.
Watching basketballin’
Murdering a piece of pizza.
Still hot tubbin’.

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Beach Vacation!!”

  1. Well I’ve been wondering about you! I guess part of your Spring Break Vaca was taking a break from your blog and that’s ok. Really enjoyed your great description of your of what went down during your blog absence.
    Now I’m feeling better as the time for your return to “home” draws closer! Love to all!

  2. Although I missed your daily blog, I’m glad you spent so much time with the Reagens and had such a good time.

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