Airboat Tour

As previously noted, on Thursday we went on a airboat tour. Going in to it, I had no idea of what to expect, and I must say, it surpassed all of my expectations. The area that we were going to be touring was one of five ecosystems, and it looked like an endless prairie, but all of the grass was growing on a foot or more of water. When we got there, we met the tour guide, then we got right to it. For the first 2/3rds of the 1.5 hour tour I was sitting on the top seat of the boat so that I could get better photos, but the downside of having to sit up top is that the motor is right behind you, and it is LOUD. My main goal for the tour was to see an alligator, and we did, in fact, we saw three. The thing about the airboat tour that surprised me the most was how fast the boat went. There was not a speedometer, but it felt like we were going around 40 miles an hour, it was probably less than that, but that is my best guess. Overall, the tour was a success. I got a few good pictures of alligators, and had a fun time.

On the boat.
Blue heron.
We fed the bird a cheeseball.
Blue heron in flight.
Lily pads.
The swamp.
The sun with an airplane track going through it.
Tons of lily pads.
Birds on the airboat.
Alligator again!
Big alligator.
Down the canal.

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  1. You saw and got great shots of some huge gators. Would not want to fall out of the boat! I accidentally told the R’s that you went on the Amazon. They said oh did they get bored with touring the US !

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