Friday in Miami

We had a mildly eventful day on Friday. I woke up at a usual time, did a bit of school, but only got through about half an hour, before I had to go to urgent care to hopefully get my spine x-rayed. When we were on the Cinnamon Beach vacation we were watching American Ninja Warrior and a guy came on who had previously had a major case of Scoliosis which is a spinal disorder that causes you to have a curve in your spine. Just for kicks, Aunt Erin checked all of our backs and noticed a slight curve in my spine. Earlier this week my mom called our pediatrician to see what he thought, and he said that we should get an x-ray so that we have something to compare it to when we get back, and so I spent my morning at an urgent care. In the end, we did not get a x-ray, but the doctor did say that I had a mild case of scoliosis. The other things that I gained from this experience were that I officially know that I weigh over 100 pounds, and that I am actually growing, this might come as a shock to people who have known me for a while, and I scored a delicious lunch at Pollo Tropical, which is a Cuban fast food chain. It is the post pubescent growthspurt that causes scoliosis. After hearing from multiple sources, we have decided to wait until we get back to Des Moines to deal with my back, and if it does not worsen, then it should be able to be dealt with by a chiropractor. It is uncommon that a case gets past mild. Other than that, our day was fairly uneventful, we did get a round of mini golf in in the evening.

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  1. Well just when you think you are perfect there is a glitch! Doesn’t sound too urgent however! Good to know and watch!

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