Life in Hudson, Florida

We have had a fun few days in Hudson, Florida. Yesterday, after a 5.5 hour drive, we arrived at the campground, then we went to Hudson Beach, a small stretch of beach (when I say small, I mean like the length of a football field) right in the center of Hudson. Since we are on the nature coast, their are less beaches than there are on the Atlantic side, or even on the pan handle. Today, we went to another “beach”, this one was called Pine Island. Pine Island is a part of Florida, where it seems tobe half swamp, half ocean. We hung out at the beach for a couple of hours.

Flip flop surfing.
Elliot was the only one crazy enough to go in.
Dolphin riding competition.

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  1. So the H2O must be cold if you didn’t go in! Looks very pretty. Snowing here at the moment. Really beautiful because there is no wind. Only about 2 inches.

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