Life in Hudson, Florida

I have not been able to make a post for the last few days due to terrible campground internet, so here is a rundown on what we have been up to for the past few days. on Tuesday, we went to state park that I forget the name of, I would look it up, but it would take an hour. We went on a short hike, it was nothing special, but we think we might have seen the tail of a alligator splash in the water.

On Wednesday, we stayed at the RV all day. We did the same today, but we did go on a couple of walks around the campground. I hope to add pictures later in the week.

2 thoughts on “Life in Hudson, Florida”

  1. One tip on gators, somex’s you only see the top of the head and eyes sticking out of the water. That’s too bad about internet service, esp. for your dad with his work! Wondered why you hadn’t posted for a few days, I miss it when you don’t.

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