Lewis and Clark, National Historical Park

Yesterday we went to Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. the park has many different locations all over northwestern Oregon, and Southwestern Washington. We went to Fort Clatsop, where Lewis, Clark and their homies hung out for about half a year after their journey came to an end. I learned many interesting things about Lewis and Clark. For instance, until yesterday I thought that Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea were alone on there journey. It turns out that Lewis and Clark were accompanied by 51 other people and 1 dog! after exploring the fort, we went to the visitors center and got our junior ranger badges. We then went to a different location of the park, Dismal Point. Dismal Point is where Lewis and Clark were camped for about a week while they were stuck, due to storms.

Lewis and Clark.
Sign Climbers.
Fort Clatsop.

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