Candy Bar Bingo and Movie Night.

After the Lewis and Clark adventure we got back to the RV, ate lunch, then we went to candy bar bingo. Candy bar bingo turned out to be bingo, but if you won, then you would get to roll a pair of dice, if you rolled 10, you got a big candy bar. If you rolled anything else, you got a small candy.

After candy bar bingo, swimming and dinner, we went to the “Family Clubhouse” and watched Captain Underpants the First Epic Movie. I have been reading Captain Underpants since I was Six and I was overjoyed when I heard that they were making a movie, and even more exited when I heard that Kevin Hart was playing the voice of George!!!! I must say, the movie was better than I expected. Mari and Elliot have been telling me that my hair looks like Professor Poopy Pants. I would personally be honored to have hair like Professor P.P. Poopypants Diarrheastein!

Candy bar bingo.
Captain Underpants.

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  1. Well that sounds like a fun camp. Your pic. at the entrance sign looks painful with you sitting on that peg! Ha!
    Papa read a book about L & C, true explorers. Can’t even imagine being brave enough to venture into the unknown.
    I’d like to see Cap. Underpants. That’s pretty funny that your hair looks like PP’s, I’m sure that’s the look you were going for. Only a few days until we see you in SF, we board the train this evening . Love you all, mimi

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