Cannon Beach, Goonies.

Today we went to Cannon beach, Where a very famous scene from Goonies was filmed. We took a short walk down the beach to Haystack Rock. We got to see a beautiful sunset over the pacific ocean. On the way back we found a starfish that we thought was dead, it turned out that it was alive, we were bummed because we wanted to dry it out and keep it. We left it with the parting words of “goodbye starfish, we wish you were dead.”

Haystack Rock.

Rose’s cute smile.
Pano of the sunset.
Andrew the starfish.
Throwing Rose.
Hat switch.

2 thoughts on “Cannon Beach, Goonies.”

  1. Shame on you wishing that poor starfish was dead! Ha! When they are dead all their tenicales are extended. Very unusual to see on dead or alive!
    Boy some of those pic’s are prize winners!

  2. gee, I sure do wish I could see that beautiful sunset!! it looks totally amazing!!
    I agree with you about that starfish!! did you know that I think they are amazing animal things?

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