Sunday, I am sure that you were aware, was Easter. Like most holidays in the RV, we tried to keep it as normal as possible,while being 19 hours from home. We started the day out with the usual finding of Easter baskets, which was as challenging as ever, it took me over half an hour to find mine, even in the RV! After the basket finding, we went outside to find the eggs that we had dyed the night before. After that, we ate some eggs, then we opened up our bags from Mar-Mar and B-bob ( our grandparents). After that, we went for a walk, which was amazing because it was already 70 degrees outside. After that, we went to a church that was about fifteen minutes from our RV. A few years from now, when I think about Easter 2018, I will first think of the church. The church dated back to the mid-1800’s a decade or so before the Civil War, but when the Civil War started, all of the whites left, leaving the slaves, and the slaves used the church, even without a priest, singing songs that they had learned as slaves. The church is still there, and has a large majority of African-American members, it was a cool experience. After the church service, the members invited us to go into the “banquet hall”, which use to be a schoolhouse, for a Easter Feast, we spent half an hour chatting and eating. When we got back, we chilled for a couple of hours, then we went for a walk, during which we saw a alligator in a lake by our campground. It was certainly a memorable Easter.

Rose and chocolate bunny.
Mari and Elliot waiting for me to find my basket
I finally found it!
Egg hunting.
Creative Easter egg photography session.
St. James the Greater Catholic Church.
After mass snack.
Family picture.
Walk #1

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