Today we drove one hour into Charleston. Out first stop was the Charleston Tea Plantation. The Charleston Tea plantation is the only tea plantation in North America, 99% of tea drank by Americans is imported from Asia, South America, or Australia. When we got to the plantation, we immediately went to the Visitors Center/Gift Shop, to scope out the scene. As we had previously planned, we bought tickets for the trolley that tours around the farm, but the best part about the Visitors center was that they had free ice tea of many flavors, I am honestly sure that I had 5 cups of the amazing, caffeinated, beverage. The trolley tour was very cool, it took us on a two mile or so loop around the plantation, and taught us about how the tea was made. I left the plantation with a smarter brain, and a fuller bladder.

After the plantation we stopped by ‘Angel Oak’, an iconic part of the Charleston area, the ‘Angel Oak’ is a 400 year old Oak that has limbs that are over 100 feet long, spreading apart like an angels wings. We had a picnic lunch at the tree, then we drove to historic downtown Charleston. Before we came to Charleston, my dad did some research on what we should do while we are there, and after finding a parking spot, we walked around Charleston, covering the most attractions in an efficient fashion. After visiting a hat man mural, we walked to rainbow row, snapped a few photos, then we walked by some cool houses to a few fountains, then we went to the market, looked around bought keychains, t-shirts, car stickers, and a painting, then we walked by a few more historic buildings, then we called it a day, and drove back to the RV.

The trolley.
Tea field.
Hat man
Walking don a street.
Rainbow Row.
Rainbow Row again, I would have needed a wide angle lens to get the full shot.


Family picture at Angel Oak.
Lizard and Vans.
Horse drawn carriage in front of cool building.

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  1. Well that sounds like a very educational tour. I’ll bet you were very wired after all your caffeine! And your Easter experience at the old church is amazing. As you said you’ll never forget this Easter! We’ll be looking forward to more pic’s!

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