Days in Hilton Head

On Friday we drove from outside of Jacksonville, through Georgia, to campground in Yemesee (middle of nowhere) South Carolina. The reason that we chose to come here is because our friends, the Herrels, vacation here every year or so, and we wanted to see them, On Friday, after arriving, we drove one hour to their vacation home, and spent the afternoon/evening hanging out with them, playing games, eating pizza, and going to the pool. The Herrels were staying in the house with some relatives, but they all had plans to go to a fancy dinner, so we had the house all to ourselves. It was a fun evening.

Today (Saturday), we woke up, then at around ten, we drove to the vacation rental, and spent the morning/early afternoon at a park that was near the rental, playing at the playground, playing tennis, and throwing the football. They are leaving on Monday, and tomorrow is Easter, so that was where our Hilton Head legacy ended. We will see them again when we arrive in Cincinnati in two months.

Here is a reminder to never let April Fool’s Day be overshadowed by other holidays. Here is a short list of pranks that have been committed by me on this glorious day.

1, clementines or other various objects in the ice maker

2, Underwear on family members faces.

3, take light out of sockets. I did this with my cousins, and when my aunt and uncle came back, they though that there had been a power outage, until they found that only part of the house was out, we even taped the fridge light and our aunt almost put all of the food in a cooler, while my uncle found out that when half of the power is out there is a major fire hazard, luckily, they noticed the prank before going to further measures.

4,Ketchup packets under the toilet seat.

In the pool.
Group picture.
Friends eating lunch.

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  1. Did you know I broke my leg yesterday? In a big cast with crutches! Ha! ha! April Fools! Looks like fun times with the Herrels! Good people! Love you!

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