Christmas in the RV

This Christmas was very different as you would expect because we are currently living with 6 other people in a 300 square foot space. We tried to make it as normal as possible and I would say that we succeeded! We started the day by seeing what Santa brought us, then we ate our annual Christmas chocolate chip pancakes, after that, we opened our presents. We all got just about everything we asked for including my new pair of Vans shoes! We ended the day with a trip to the playground and of course dinner.

Elliot on his new unicycle.
Mari and I in our new clothes.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in the RV”

  1. So glad to hear Santa found you since you are very hard to keep track of!
    Another lesson this trip teaches, how to adapt and make the best of every situation! HNY!

  2. We hope the merriment continues for all of you!
    MarMar and BeBob
    (By the way—Nice clothes! And, who is that young lady next to you in the pictures?)

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