Christmas Eve

After Balboa Park, we drove to church. We found a church about twenty minutes away from the park that had a 5:30 Christmas Eve mass. It turned out that the church was in the high school gym, but it was a very nice service. After church, we went to check out some Christmas lights, then we went back to the RV, ate a late dinner, and got ready for Santa to visit our RV. We are trying to stick with as many traditions as possible while being 1,745 miles from home.

Christmas lights.
Christmas Eve picture.

1 thought on “Christmas Eve”

  1. I am glad you had a nice church Christmas celebration. God is present in the Eucharist no matter where or what building you have mass in. I’ll bet they are in the middle of building a new church. Andrew, in the pic. it appears you caught up in ht. to your mom. So Merry Christmas to all! Miss you terribly but you are here in spirit! Will chat later. We will go over to celebrate Nate’s BD later today. Love you all, mimi
    PS tell Mari she looks very nice in her dress!

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