Anaheim RV Resort

On Sunday we made the two hour drive from Palm Springs to Anaheim. After getting settled in at the campground, we drove to Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is a bunch of Disney themed shops in one little junction just outside of Disneyland. We had a surprisingly hard time spending the twenty dollars we needed to validate our parking ticket, though I did buy a keychain, and we ended up buying Elliot a new pair of flipflops. After we got home, ate dinner, and got the little girls to bed, we went outside to watch fireworks over Disneyland.


Today, after lunch, we drove to a beach town outside of Anaheim. There were five-six foot tall waves crashing right on the beach. We had a fun time seeing how close we could get to the wave without getting wet, but in the in we gave in and ended up getting our pants soaked, a might have gotten the wettest because while backwards running from a wave, I fell on my backside. After the beach, we went to some Christmas lights nearby. They were very cool!

Tomorrow, we are going to Disnayland!

Giant Lego set!
Admiring ourselves in the mirror.
West Beat Sings.
Big waves!
Big waves again.
Running from a big wave.
Family picture.
Lights. Yes, that’s Darth Vader.



3 thoughts on “Anaheim RV Resort”

  1. Wow, those are huge waves, could carry you away! Those sunset pic’s are spectacular! Can’t wait to hear about Disneyland experience!

  2. Why in the world did you use the word backside? The correct pronunciation is butt B-U-T-T BUTT! You fell on your butt.

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