High Five!

Today we met a family in our campground. This afternoon we went to the pool with them then we ate pizza. Then we went to an outdoor street fair in downtown Palm Springs. While we were there we came up with the idea to give random people high fives. we spent the whole time doing that. It was very funny to see how people reacted to us trying to give them a high five, there were people that acted embarrassed and ignored us, there were people that half-heartedly stuck their hand up, a few were into it until we said ‘BAM’ then they acted embarrassed, a few held on to our hands and talked to us for ten seconds, a few people yelled “BAM” with us, one guy started lecturing us on how unsanitary what we were doing was, one awesome person started giving high fives to other random people! It was definetly a unique social experience!

Us and our campground friends.

1 thought on “High Five!”

  1. Well that was definitely a brave exercise on your part and a good experiment in social behavior. Shows how diverse personalities are especially when taken off guard. Wondering what I’d do! Probably get into a long conversation! Ha!
    Glad yu made new friends, you camp ground people are all starving for friends!

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