Yesterday we spent all day at Disneyland! We got on the shuttle from our campground to Disneyland at around 9:00, got to the park at 9:30 talked with the people who were getting us in, then at about ten, we finally went into the park. The first park we went into was called California Adventure, it’s owned by Disney, and is kind of part of Disneyland, but it is a separate park. We weren’t sure what to do when we first got in, so after getting our Fast Passes (a $10 per person pass to make all the lines shorter for you) we bee lined it to the big roller coaster, the California Screamin’! The California Screamin’ is my favorite ride because in my opinion, it is the most thrilling. It starts out with a long flat stretch, and after leaving the boarding station, it stops at the beginning of the flat stretch. After speakers in you seat count down from 5, you take of at highway speed. My favorite part of the ride is the loop in the middle. After the roller coaster, we walked to Mickeys Fun Wheel, which is like a ferris wheel, but there are bars that your car is on causing your car to go down the bars making you car rock the whole time. After the ferris wheel we went to a ride from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. It was supposed to be really scary, and it lived up to its expectations. It was a small, pitch black capsule that you would go in then it would take us up like an elevator then it dropped us to the bottom of the building it kept doing this for about two minutes. I felt very disoriented when I got of the ride. (Oh, by the way, a shoutout to Jan, the mother of the person who got us in, for volunteering to watch Lucia and Rose while we went on the bigger rides!)

After Guardians of the Galaxy, we took a little break, and went on a small spinny ride with Lucia and Rose. Well actually everybody but me and my mom went, because we didn’t want to get sick. I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After spinny ladybug, we went to a ride where you went down rapids and hills on a tube. Lucia was able to come with us, though I am not sure she liked it. We all got a little wet. After going on the ride again, this time with Jan, we went to a ride called Soarin’. I cannot explain to you in words how amazing Soarin’ was. It was like a giant virtual reality ride where you are on an airplane, but there is wind, smells, and a giant video screen in front of you. It really felt like you were flying all over the world! After Soarin’, we went to the actual Disneyland.

We immediately went to Space Mountain. Space mountain was a roller coaster in the dark, with stars and planets making it feel like you are zooming through space. After Space Mountain, we went to a ride called Splash Mountain. This was another water ride, and after floating around in the dark with creepy talking puppets, you took a steep plummet. We didn’t get to wet on Splash Mountain. After Splash Mountain, we watched a little bit of the parade, then we watched a little play at a theater, then we got our picture in front of the castle. Then we met some princesses. After the princesses, we met up with Jen, the woman who got us in. After finding a nice place two eat, we got our food, and ate it. After eating, Jen offered to take us to California Screamin; again. After riding California Screamin’ two more time, we went to the Cars ride.

The Cars ride was very cool. You sat down in a car attachedĀ  to a track, then you went through some cool tunnels, and finally, you raced the car next to you to the end of the track. I won my race! After getting off the Cars ride, we met up with our parents, and went on a small spinny tractor ride. Then we went back to the Disneyland park. Unfortunately, the fireworks were cancelled due to high winds.

Then we went to a ride called the Matterhorn. While waiting in line for the Matterhorn, we ran into a family we met in Santa Cruz. The Matterhorn was supposed to by like you were sledding down a mountain, on a roller coaster! After the Matterhorn, we talked with our Santa Cruz friends until we made it back to our parents, then we left Disneyland at 11:00 even though we were begging them to let us stay until midnight:( We said our goodbyes to Jen and Jan, then we got back on the shuttle and went back to our campground.

It was one of the most fun days of my life! Hopefully i’ll be back.

On the shuttle.
Photo with the people who got us in to Disneyland.
Rose on the carousel.
On the California Screamin’.
On Mickey’s Fun Wheel.
Waiting for Guardians Of the Galaxy.
On Guardians of the Galaxy.
Guardians of the Galaxy Tower.
On the water ride.
On Soarin’
On Space Mountain.
Storm Trooper
Splash Mountain.
In front of the castle
Snow White.
On California Screamin’.
On the Spinny Tractor ride with Jen and Rose.
Family Picture.

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  1. hopefully you’ll someday go back with your kids! thank you for the detailed description of your amazing day. Papa and I are still in disbelief over Jan’s generosity. We are convinced she is an angel sent by God or maybe a human who is doing what God wants her to do. whatever she is, in our eyes she is an earthy saint and we thank her for being so kind to our family. We also wish she and Jen and their entire family God’s blessings!
    I know it was a great experience because your sister Mari wanted to talk on the ph. to me and that almost never happens!

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