Trenton, Maine -> Trenton, Maine

I know that you are probably confused about the title, so let me clarify; today, we moved from one campground, to another ten minutes away. The reason that we did this was because we could stay at a campground closer to Acadia for the rest of the week for free because we are Thousand Trails member. The reason that we didn’t move earlier in the week is because the campground didn’t open until today.

We had a hard time getting settled, because the campground couldn’t put us in a full hookup site, so we had to move to another campground that was actually the same campground (don’t ask). So, after getting half ready in the first campground, we had to pack up and move to the other campground that was actually the same campground. At that campground, we found a site, but the markers were confusing. We ended up having to pack up again, and go to the site next to it which was the site that we were supposed to be in. In the end, we figured it out, and we are looking forward to a couple more days in Acadia.

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  1. All that unpacking and repacking made me very tired. Glad to hear you finally got settled! And free is good.

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