The Awesomest Person in the World

Hello. Yesterday we went with Hope and Aunt Mary to the movie ‘the Greatest Showman’. Hope thought that it was “Amazeblogs”. Hope liked the part where a crying woman kept flaring her nostrils. She rates it 4.9/5 stars. Then we went to a restaurant called Chuy’s. Hope thinks that it was very loud, and she ate too many chips and queso. She also said that it had palm trees inside it, which is very unnatural. She and Mari got in trouble for coloring on a fish with queso.

Today, we drove to South Congress Ave, here are Hope’s thoughts on it. The highlight of her day, “and mine” was when a worker at a store said that my hair was cool, and I said that my siblings and cousin didn’t think so, and she called them buttholes. Then we went to a park.

Torchy’s Tacos.
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  1. So funny “quoting” Hope! We too went to that movie here and gave it a 3 star! We were wondering where Bailey came into the equation. Guess we could research it.
    Are you kidding when you said the worker called them buttholes!? That’s a little severe ! A less graphic term to describe them might be “uncool”! They are just jealous because they can’t grow their hair like that! I like the idea of your hair but when you were here it was getting a little too long on top. But hey the key word here is YOUR hair, right! ? Don’t forget to save it when you get it cut and we will glue it to Papa’s head!

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