Our Last Day with Hope and Aunt Mary

Today was our last full day with Cousin Hope and Aunt Mary:( After lunch we picked daddy Rob up from the airport, then we went to Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve. We went on a 1.5 mile hike around the preserve, but we took it very slow. Then we Zilker Park, which is named after an amazing man name Andrew Jackson Zilker, which is awesome, because we share first and middle names! This time we rode the train around the park, which we couldn’t do the other day due to wet tracks. Then we went to a radical pool called Barton Springs, which is a section of Barton Creek that is dammed of for swimming use. The water was freezing, about 68 degrees, but getting in felt good, even though it was 63 degrees outside. I was the first one in, and it stayed that way for about 15 minutes when I was joined by Elliot, then Mari, then Hope. I did a couple of dives and backflips off of the diving board and called it a day. Then we went to then RV park and ate dinner. Tomorrow we will drop Hope and Aunt Mary off at the airport at 7:15 AM.

My namesake, (Not really).

2 thoughts on “Our Last Day with Hope and Aunt Mary”

  1. I’ll bet you were the only ones in that cold water, the crazies! They’d have to throw me in and then I’d die of heart failure. So glad it stopped raining.
    That pic. with Hope doing the splits hurts me to look at. Fun times with great memories!

  2. Nice hair in the last picture Andrew! I also think that you made a very good choice when picking out those shoes!!!! They are rrrrllllyyy COOL!!!!

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