South Carolina -> North Carolina

Our grandparents left yesterday morning, and we spent the day in the RV, away from the bugs.

Today, we drove 7 hours to middle east North Carolina. After arriving, we went for a walk around the campground, when we were on a dock, Lucia dropped her flip-flop into the body of water, we had to run to the other dock where it was floating to, then we dangled Elliot upside down over the water so that he could grab it. It is supposed to be in the low 60s all week, so we will not be doing any swimming, but we plan to have a fun week.

You can see Elliot grabbing the flip-flop if you look closely.
The flip-flop.

2 thoughts on “South Carolina -> North Carolina”

  1. Well, Elli was very brave, so glad an alligator didn’t happen to be in the area!
    Looks like (because of the cold weather) you should have stayed in S.C.
    snowed here yesterday and the streets and sidewalks are a little icey in spots.
    But Spring is right around the corner, what corner is the big ?

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