Savannah Georgia

Yesterday, we drove one hour to Savannah. Our Grandparents were already there, so after finding a parking spot, which took like half an hour, we met them at square. One of the cool things about Savannah is all of the squares. Every block or so, there is a square, which is like a little park, usually with a statue, grave, or memorial in the middle. We walked around for a couple of hours, then we stopped by Jimmy Johns, and ate our subs in a square, then we went down to the riverfront, walked around, took a ferry across the river, and took it back. Our Grandparents then bid their goodbyes as they departed back to their hotel, while we stayed of another hour and a half so that we could catch the ‘First Friday Fireworks” ( I say “catch” as an expression, we didn’t catch any fireworks). Then we drove back to the RV.

Old graves.
Still on the ferry.
Watching fireworks.

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