Niagara Falls l

Yesterday was a big day in the life’s of the Lieslands, because, yesterday, we walked across the border to Canada, it was the first time out of the country for everybody except for my mom. Niagara Falls is around 15 minutes from our campground, so after driving there, I was met with a surprise. The surprise was, Niagara Falls is actually two falls, the American Falls, and Horseshoe Falls, you probably already know that, but I didn’t. Our parking lot was right by the smaller of the falls – American Falls, and the better view was from the Canada side, so that is where we went.

In order to get to Canada, we had to cross a long bridge, then we had to get checked in by the border patrol, then we were free in Canada. The first thing that we did in Canada was walk along the Niagara River, until we got a better view of Horseshoe falls, then we walked up into the more touristy part and checked out the souvenir stores, then we walked around some more, until we got to the major tourist trap of Niagara Falls, which kind of reminded me of a state fair that was open all year long. After surviving the tourist trap without spending a dime (cue the applause), we walked back across the bridge, got checked back in to America, then we hit the road back to our campground.

We are laying low today, for dinner, we are going to the original buffalo wings restaurant. Tomorrow, we are taking ‘The Maid of the Mist’ tour around the niagara river and Niagara Falls.

The falls.
The border!
Niagara Falls.
American Falls.
Horseshoe falls.
Family picture in front of the falls.
Eating at Tim Horton’s. (A Canadian fast food chain)

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  1. So,so,SO amazing. I have always wanted to go to Niagara falls, but have never gotten the chance to. Looking forward to seeing you and your fam!

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