Austerlirz, NY -> Niagara Falls, NY

Today, we drove 6 hours from our campground in Austerlitz, NY, to our campground in Niagara Falls, NY. Now, you can probably guess why the city of Niagara Falls is called Niagara Falls, and that is what our week is revolving around. So far, we really like our campground, it is right on Lake Ontario, and you can see Toronto across the lake. Upon arrival, we got set up, than we talked to our neighbors, before heading inside to eat dinner. After dinner, we drove to the grocery store.

Here is our to-do list for the week.

  1. Go to Niagara Falls
  2. Go to the city of Niagara Falls
  3. Eat buffalo wing at the original buffalo wing restaurant in Buffalo
  4. Cross the border into Canada, either at Niagara Falls, of via the bridge that is a couple minutes drive from our campground
  5. Check out some of the state parks
  6. Enjoy our last stop before we finish our loop, and head back to Cincinnati.

     2 weeks t go :o-l-(

Me, chillin’ in the vehicle. 

2 thoughts on “Austerlirz, NY -> Niagara Falls, NY”

  1. Let’s see why is the town called Niagara Falls ! or maybe the Falls was named after the city! Cool you can see Canada. Looks like a full and fun wk.
    And by the way could you please save your hair when u get it cut so we can have a wig made for papa!

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