New York Day l

Yesterday (Friday), at around 9 am, we walked 10 minutes or so to a ferry, with every intention to go on a New York City adventure. We took the ferry across a small body of water to Liberty State Park. Liberty State Park does not house the Statue of Liberty, but it does house a dock for people to board a ferry that takes them to the Statue of Liberty, so that is what we did. The ferry’s first stop was Ellis Island, which we skipped, due to a lack of time. After Ellis Island, it stopped at Liberty Island, which does happen to house the Statue of Liberty.

I did not realize how massive the statue is, until I stepped off of the ferry, and there was this gargantuan, green, lady staring down at me. The bummer about the day was that it was like 55 degrees and rainy for the majority of the day, so we were happy to finally be able to go inside of the Statue of Liberty. Another unfortunate part of the Statue of Liberty was that when we got tickets to go in it, they were sold out of tickets to go to the crown of the statue, you have to buy them four months in advance, because they only sell 150 per day, but we were able to purchase tickets to the pedestal of the statue. After walking up 196 stairs to the pedestal, we walked out to the observation deck, which was cool, but it was like every other observation deck, we walked out to the deck, said “wow, we are up really high”, then we walked back down to solid ground.

After going to the gift shop, we walked back onto the ferry, which stopped at Ellis Island, then finally, Manhattan. After getting of, we walked a very short distance to Battery Park, then we took the Subway to Time Square. Time Square was my personal favorite part of New York, it was like nothing else I have ever seen. The buildings rising above you are massive, and there are so many lights, whether their billboards giant light up buildings, or Broadway theaters, they all contribute to the absolute insanity of the place.

We didn’t spent to much time in Time Square, because we were hungry, and we had plans to eat at Hard Rock Cafe. Though we did have to wait an hour and a half for our food, both the food and the atmosphere were amazing. We spent an hour or so eating, looking at memorabilia, and looking around the shop, then we walked back out into Time Square to continue our NYC adventure. We were going to walk to Central park, but we ended up getting a good deal on a rickshaw ride around central park, so we did that, which was fun, and it was much more efficient and entertaining that just walking around the park.

After the rickshaw ride, we took a train, then a bus, to my Mom’s friend, and my Godmother and her family’s house in Brooklyn. When we got there, we ate some delicious Brooklyn style pizza, then we hung out until around 9:30, when we hit the hay.

Peacin’ out on the ferry.
Walking to the Ferry.
Family Picture with New York in the background.
Still on the ferry.
The Statue of Liberty.
We accumulated a new family member, we named her Statue of Liberty, due to her uncanny resemblance to her namesake.
On the Subway.
In Time Square.
Peacin’ out at Hard Rock Cafe New York.
Dad next to his Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam’s bass player) guitar.
Me next to my Adam Levine guitar.
Me in Time Square.
In a Rickshaw.
In front of some famous fountain.
In front of some famous bridge.

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  1. In the pic. “in front of a bridge” you look 6 ft. tall ! and in the one “peac’in out at HRC you look very full!

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