Life at the Campground

We have had a rather uneventful day down here in Phoenix. We start every weekday with homeschooling, then we eat lunch, then have the rest of the afternoon to read, swim, skateboard, go for walks, eat, draw, nap, update my blog, etc’. We have been trying to get out on a walk every night, usually walking around our campground, or down to a dock by the lake. I managed to find time to take a few more sunset pictures this evening, though, in my opinion, they aren’t quite as good as the ones I took a few days ago. That’s about all that is going on around the campground.

Sunset 1.
Sunset 2.


Sunset 3.

2 thoughts on “Life at the Campground”

  1. I think they are lovely! News flash, when you return to reality almost everyday is uneventful! but sometimes that is a good thing; at least when you’re 73 slow is good ! Ha!

  2. PS The bottom pic with the purple sky is my fav. Did you know purple is the new color in decorating this year?. It would look nice on someones wall!

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