Camelback Mountain

Today, we hiked, or rather climbed, the 2.4 mile round trip climb with an elevation gain of 1,400 to the top of Camelback Mountain. I say climb, because it was so steep that I felt like I could no longer call it hiking. It was a very difficult hike, It is said to be the hardest in the Phoenix area. In the past year, there were 7 fatalities, and over 250 people had to be rescued from the mountain. That was a slightly unsettling thing for the ranger to say just before we started the ascent. The hardest part was the last .7 miles of hiking had a 1,000 elevation gain. The view at the top was amazing and definetly worth the trip up. Luckily, the way down was way easier, though it took just as long because gravity was threatening to knock you down the whole time. It was not the hardest hike I have been on, but probably the most intense. It felt like less of a cardio workout like most hikes, but like more of a Anaerobic workout. It was like no other hike I have been on.

Looking up Camelback.
Downtown Phoenix.
Steep hill.
Another steep hill.
Another steep hill.
Family pic at the top.

Me at the top.
On the summit.
Summit marker.
Areal view of Phoenix.
Another areal view of Phoenix.
Steep hill again.
You can see how steep it gets at the end of the hike on this hike.

3 thoughts on “Camelback Mountain”

  1. Wow, no words just wow. Got a kick out of Rose’s hiking apparel !
    So amazed you could all do it. It started once but had to turn back due to intense pain in my chest!

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