High Sierra RV Resort

It has been a pretty quiet couple days at our campground. On Wednesday we arrived at the campground. After dinner I played The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then we went to bed.

On Thursday we started the day off with homeschooling. After my dad was done with work we walked down to the playground near our campground. we hung out there for a couple hours, playing soccer, and doing other various activities. Afterward we tried in vain to find a geocache. After searching for like 20 minutes we finally gave up.

Today (Friday) After home schooling, lunch, and work, we drove part of a scenic highway trying to find a good hike. we had a certain place in mind, but unfortunately we only found one thing that even came close to resembling a hike.

Tomorrow we are going into Yosemite.

Waterfall in The creek near our campsite.


Lots of long acorns.


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  1. OMgosh those are giant acorns! Our new friend from India is going to read your blog. He is 28 and lives in Chicago, met him on the train. So you have another fan!

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