Dillon Beach

On Sunday, after the Golden Gate Bridge we moved from San Francisco to Dillon Beach. We were going to stay at a house with a beautiful ocean view! After driving for about two hours, we got to the campground where we were going to store our RV for the week. After unhitching, we drove up a hill to our vacation home. After getting settled in, we had a delicious dinner of french toast. No seriously, the french toast was sooo amazing, it was the best french toast I have ever had, it was the holy grail of foods!

When we woke up on Monday, we went to the beach. After hanging out there for a few hours we went back to the house and had hot dogs for dinner, played pool and watched HGTV.

Tuesday: Wake up, breakfast, drive, Muer Woods, Home, Ham and bean soup, Lucia’s Presents, Pool, Cake, Bed.

We left on today, heaing to near Yosmite Mational Park.

On a rock.
Showin’ of our guns.
The neighborhood we were staying in.
Lucia’s birthday cake.
Blowing out the candles.
Ian and Cam made me these super rad folded bills.
In Lucia’s rocket ship.
Muir wood’s sign.
Family picture.
Heart log.
The trail.
Cathedral grove sign.
Log across the creek.
Tall trees.
The creek.

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