Grand Canyon National Park

On Sunday we finally made it to the Grand Canyon. We were going to have to stay an hour from the National Park but there was a cancellation at the campground in the National Park so we got to stay there all three nights! The Grand Canyon was very beautiful and I have decided that after I graduate from collage I am going to work as a ranger there. On Sunday night we took the shuttle to the Visitors Center and walked to an overlook I was amazed at how deep something could be! We went back to the Visitors Center and watched a twenty minute documentary on the Grand Canyon. The next day My dad had to work, so we walked part of the rim trail, which goes along the rim of the Grand Canyon. After my Dad was done with work we went to Hopi point to watch the sunset.

The next day we woke up early because we were going to go on a hike. We took the shuttle to the Bright Angel trailhead. We went one and a half miles down, which was easy, but it takes the average person two times the the amount of time to get up as it does to get down. I am proud to say it only took us 1 1/2 the amount of time it took us to get down.we didn’t make to far down but the view from where we made it was very nice and you could see the layers in the rock really well! It was amazing how long it took just to hike one fourth of the way down into the canyon.¬†We are dreaming that in five years we will be able to hike to the bottom, That’s seven and a half miles!

Today as soon as we woke up we packed up to leave. We parked our travel trailer in a RV parking lot so that my dad could finish his work for the day. While he was working we hiked some more of the rim trail,then we went back to the RV to eat lunch. After that we took the shuttle to a geology museum in the park,then we bid our farewells to the Grand Canyon and left for Zion National Park.

By the Canyon.
On the shuttle.
By the Canyon again.
Hanging of the edge.
Sunset over the canyon.
Hiking into the canyon.
Bright Angel Trail.
Family pic.
After the hike.

Grand Canyon Top 5

5,Seeing all the people from different countries.

4,Riding the shuttle.

3,Hiking by the rim.

2,Learning how the Grand Canyon was formed.

1,Hiking into the canyon.

Next stop, Zion National park!

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  1. Wow, that brings back good memories! When we were there a sign said allow 3 hrs up for every 1 hr. down. When we are all in San Fran. we’ll have Uncle Ron tell about the time he and Aunt Darcy hiked to the bottom and stayed at the camp there. I believe their packs weighed 50 lbs. They trained for a long time to get in shape for it.
    Really appreciate your blog, Drew and the great discriptions. Love you all!

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