Everyday life in the RV

This is what really happens in the RV. I always post about our adventures, but everyday life in a 360 square foot space can get pretty dull, and doing it with 6 other people can drive you to insanity.

Each day starts with breakfast, sometimes we have a hard time finding a spot for our napkin on the crowded table.
Then we do homeschooling, which can be fun, but is usually the part of the day that drives me the most insane, due to having to concentrate with people yelling in my ear.
Our afternoons sometimes include walks around the campground.
Or… um… Olympic medal ceremonies, I am the proud owner of a silver medal (a quarter taped to a string) in dance skating.

Sounds like fun, right? Well, it can be…at times.

2 thoughts on “Everyday life in the RV”

  1. Well it would drive me crazy for sure but from all the other posts and pics there are lots of exciting times, like visiting us in Green Valley ! Ha!

  2. I’m sure one of the most difficult parts of your adventure is living in such close quarters with a large family. All of you should be proud that you are able to get passed that in order to make this once in a lifetime adventure happen. Enjoy the rest of the ride!!

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