Ethan Allen Homestead

Today, at around 4:30, everybody except for my mom drove 10 minutes to the Ethan Allen Homestead. There is Ethan Allen Stuff all over Burlington, because he lived right outside of Burlington for a good portion of his life. I am not a genius when it comes to Ethan Allen trivia, but I do know that he was a Revolutionary War hero, and he led the Green Mountain Boys, my knowledge stops there. However, I also know that I am distantly related by marriage to the guy. I think that he is like my great-great-great-great aunts husband, or something like that.

When we arrived at the Homestead, the museum had already closed, so we went on a very short hike/walk past his house, and down to a river, then we walked over a marsh, then we drove 5 minutes up a hill to the Ethan Allen Tower, which is a small castle like tower that overlooks Burlington. We did not waste time there, and after a few minutes at the tower, we walked back to a playground, then we drove to the grocery store.


Beautiful sunset over Lake Champlain ( Photo Credit-My mom.)
Lucia and Rose.
Ethan Allens’ House.
Over the swamp.
On a log.
At a tower.

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  1. Is that the same Ethan Allan with the furniture store? I’m sure it is. Those 2 rocking chairs of yours that we are storing are EA.
    That is a beautiful sunset indeed. You’ve seen so many on your trip!
    How high up the tower did they get?

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