Coronado Island

Today we went to an island in San Diego called Coronado Island. We parked on a beach so that we could walk down the beach to a cool hotel. After walking down the beach, we walked back to near our car and played in the sand for a while, which included around twenty seagulls flocking our beach towel to get their share of our “Pirates Booty”. Then, we walked back to our car. We were going to go to a boat parade, but Lucia wasn’t feeling well so we went back to the RV. She threw up once but tonight she was bouncing off the walls while we watched “Home Alone”.

Pictures are on their way.

My sand house.
protecting our food from the seagulls.
Giant sand castle! (we didn’t make it!)
Playing on rocks at the beach.

4 thoughts on “Coronado Island”

  1. I know what you mean by pesty seagulls, happened to us in Corpus Cristy once. Glad Luie recovered quickly! Did you remember that San Diego is where papa was stationed in the navy, flying a sea plane up & down the coast looking for Russian subs during the cold war.
    Glad you got to watch Home Alone, love that movie! One almost started feeling sorry for the bad guys! Love you! Will look forward to your pic’s.

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