Campground Happenings!

It has been a quiet few days here in Acton, California. Our car was in the shop until yesterday, so we have not been able to drive anywhere until today:( There isn’t much to do around the campground, so we spent our days here riding our newly acquired penny board, biking around our abnormally large campground, playing games, renting sports gear from the office, etc, etc, etc. We went on a walk around the campground before our car came, then we went to the grocery store. Today after homeschooling, work, hangin’ out, and other various forms of time wasting (Email me if you want to hear the others) we went shopping at the closest mall to our campground (20 minutes away!) We found a pair of shoes for Rose, and I got a *lit new pair of sweats. other than that nothing much is happening around the campground.


*For those of you not born in the 21st century lit means rad or cool or stoked or gnarly.

6 thoughts on “Campground Happenings!”

  1. Well thank you for clarifying “lit” I was thinking lit in weight since I was born in the 19th century! I will e-mail u about learn about some more time wasting activities although I don’t really need any more, I have enough of my own!
    Appears like everything in Ca. is larger, even campgrounds. I guess that is due to the large population! Later you rad person you!

    1. Same here, we went to Salt and Straw today, it was top notch! it has been warm here all week, we are missing Santa Cruz;(

  2. I’m glad you find lit to be rad, cool, stoked, and gnarly. While I like American and English lit best, your Dad’s cousin Marianne can probably recommend some Russian lit for you. Stay cool, rad dude.

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