Back to Hollywood!

Today after homeschooling, work, etc, we drove downtown, this time with a new goal. To find me a T-shirt. Right after getting out of the parking garage elevator, we went into a shop that was having a deal where any item was 5 dolla! I didn’t find a shirt, but I did find a rad hat! After coming out of that store, we ran in to Zach Efron! Well… he was made of wax, but no one needs to know that, he even had real armpit hair! So I mean he was basically real. The hard thing about shirt shopping for me is that none of the adult shirts fit me, but I find most kids shirts to be cheesy (sorry kids shirts). We looked in a few other stores and found nothing, so we started walking the other way. On our way to our next souvenir shop we saw some people filming a promo video for the American Idol! We even got to see one of the finalists! After looking in a few more shirt shops, we still couldn’t find anything, we were about done with our last shop when I finally found a shirt I liked. After buying it we walked back to the car, then we drove to “Salt and Straw” an ice cream shop recommended to us by a family we met at our campground in Santa Cruz. After eating our ice cream we walked back to our car and drove back to our campground, then we ate spaghetti and meatballs.

Salt and Straw.
American Idol!!!
Mom and Zach.


3 thoughts on “Back to Hollywood!”

  1. I feel your pain looking for a shirt, there are a ton of men’s shirts that I really like, but even the XS won’t fit me!!!

  2. I feel both your pain, before you know it you’ll both grow and have arm pit hair like Zack! and then you’ll get old like me and find only teeny bopper shirts that old ladies look rediculous in!

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